It’s been a great Christmas season for me, I hope the same is true for you.

I really wasn’t expecting greatness, to be honest. I was just shooting for stable. It’s been that kind of year. There’s the thing with my bride which I’ll blog in detail about soon. My oldest daughter, Kristina moved to Toronto for school in August. Until two weeks ago, I hadn’t seen her for four months.  A job change for me meant that I wasn’t flying to the big smoke every month so my convo’s with K have been by phone, text and FaceTime.

Thank God for cheap long distance, text and FaceTime!

My youngest, Anna, had been so busy with school and work that I wasn’t seeing much of her, either. We decided that we would just hang out in Alberta, visit Pat’s parent’s for Christmas, take a run to the Canmore, AB to drink in the Rocky Mountains and then chill at home the rest of the time before the real world kicks in again on January 4.

Downtown Canmore

My stroke brain took this to mean that I’d barely see my girls (who are in fact woman, I just can’t get past thinking of them as my girls). And that without flying them and my bride out to Cuba or Mexico or some such place, the holiday’s would fly past with just a few short ‘hi’s’ and ‘by’s’ as they came and went.

Anna & Kristina 

But my bride told me to try not to worry. And to try to have faith. She’s going through quite a lot right now, so I was sorta bound to listen to her. I tried to take Christmas and the holiday’s day by day. Half day by half day, in fact.

And a funny thing happened… It’s been awesome. Skiing in the Rockies, great food and walks in Canmore, lunches and dinners and various goofy things that’s kept a smile on my lips and a heart that size of the Grinche’s – at the end of the movie, that is.

My gals have also got to spend plenty of time with their pals. Tonight we’ll ring in New Year’s Eve in three separate locations. Tomorrow, we’ll crash on the couch at home and watch movies together all day

Dobby & Anna in Calgary

And, wow, has this been good for the soul.

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. But if I was, mine for 2016 might be to take more day’s as they come. It’s good for the soul. And I have a feeling it’s pretty good for the brain, as well.




  1. Art and Sandy send their sincere best wishes to you, Pat and your beautiful daughters. Have a very prosperous and healthy New Year. We enjoy your blogs.. keep them coming!
    ** also a great way to keep up with family!


  2. Happy New Year Year to you and your family, we had a good Christmas season with our family, and right now there is a New Years party going on downstairs but I think I am past that now. The best to you in 2016.


  3. Happy New Year Tim. These blogs warm my heart and I wish you the best year…half a day at a time. Great advice for us all.


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