Me and my dad, Lee, at about the time Mr. Rollings’ letter was haunting me! The fireplace is his work — bricks were to him like words are to me. Accept

You may have noticed that it’s been a while since I’ve served up a dish of brain food. At least I hope that you’ve noticed.

This brain food fast ends today.

Stuff – which I’ll blog about soon – just sort of sucked the words out of me.  More on that in the next dish.

Today another birthday is here for me.  And, as they often do, the words of my high school English teacher have come back to haunt me. Words in the form of a letter he wrote me in grade 12. It was all about wasted time.

It took me a while to really get what Mr. Rollings was on about in that letter.   Birthday’s often nagged me in my 20s until, little by little,  I felt that I’d gotten my crap together in a way that would satisfy Mr. R. For the most part, I think he’d be happy with my post high school path.

But there’s still one thing that nags when I think of his letter.  The book thing.

So my birthday vow — between God and Blog Nation – is to have a book on shelves or in cyber space before I put another notch on my birth certificate.

Stay tuned.








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  1. Gee, every time I turn around lately, I learn about another talented, creative, smart relative! Best of luck on the book. I hope I hear about it when it’s in print!


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