I’m a newspaper reporter by trade born and raised in Alberta, Canada. Before a stroke in 2010 zapped my ability to read and write, I had an eclectic career and was an active volunteer.

I covered politics as a reporter, worked as a TV news producer, was a communications director in government, did PR for an international beer maker and worked for global pharmaceutical companies.

I’ve also spent many years volunteering with the homeless and disenfranchised in Edmonton Alberta’s inner city. More recently I’ve helped stroke victims and their families as part of a peer support program. And I’m back making my living in the pharma industry.

But most importantly, I’m Patricia’s husband and dad to two great daughters, Kristina and Anna.

I travel as much as possible and chat up everybody who is willing to trade stories, at home and afar.

I’ve also written my first book and am desperately hunting for an agent or publisher! It’s called: Where Are My Shoes? Recollections of a man who’s brain betrayed him.


  1. Hi Tim – I’m a speech lang pathologist down in Minnesota. I’m so grateful for stumbling upon your blog. It is extremely interesting to hear about things from an insider’s perspective. I’ll be recommending your blog to my patients who have survived a stroke or a traumatic brain injury, if you don’t mind. Thanks for creating such a valuable resource- it’s helpful to therapists as well!


    1. My pleasure, Molly. Your Canadian counterparts are why I’m able to do what I’m doing (see previous blogs and Edmonton Journal story from a few weeks back)! Please recommend to patients, fellow professionals or anybody you think would find it of value. I’m sorry that you had to stumble onto the blog. I’m finding I have a lot to learn about spreading the blog’s reach. Any sharing or advice is valued. BTW, I have loads of distant cousins in Minnesota and the Dakotas, where my grandfather and two of his brothers moved to Canada from.


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