We were road warriors today — about 14 hours on the road.

That included stops for snaps at Kakabeka Falls (see K’s pic below), for grub in Marathon and a near sunset shoot at a scenic spot on Lake Superior. There were a couple of stops on the big lake. One of which included me singing a rendition of The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Not quite up to Gordon Lightfoot’s standard, but not bad if I do say so.

Coffee, Redbull and a combo of Van Halen 1, Led Zeppelin 4 and lots of other great numbers got us through. But the caffeine is wearing off. Gotta crash.

Don’t you crash before looking at these great pics from Kristina:

20150729_111439 20150729_112311 20150729_135308_Richtone(HDR) 2015-07-29 15.44.44 2015-07-29 20.06.30

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  1. Hey Tim and Kristina! Good to hear of your progress, knowing you are safe. Kristina is fortunate to hear her Dad perform so well for her to keep you both going — no video? Kristina’s artistic photographs are gorgeous. Safe journeys Daddy Bear & little Cub 🙂


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