With as many years on the planet as I’ve put in, this seems a silly – or even dumb – question.

And yet, as I read recent headlines and ponder the fate of a few new stroke victims whose stories have come my way, I wonder…

Life isn’t all about money, but oh what money can do for our lives.

Or at least pay the way to get important stuff done. It’s easy to say that money can’t buy happiness. But that depends what you mean. Chucking cash at status simples and questionable gizmos ‘guaranteed’ to stop the ravages of time may indeed fall short. But if the bucks go into research that can save or enrich lives, then I’d say that the money has paid for a few smiles.

Take stroke. Please. Badambum (that’s supposed to read like the sound of the three drum beats that follow a bad joke).

Anyway, strokes have been around for a long, long time. In fact, Hippocrates – he of the MD oath – first pointed them out 2,400 years ago. All that time and we still know so little about stroke and other brain disease and disorders. Why?

A lot of it has to do with how much money there is – or isn’t — for research. It also has to do with getting enough bucks for treatment for victims where they need it and when they need it. I’m sure the same is true for other serious health woes. And I know we also struggle to get cash to the homeless, disenfranchised and struggling all over the planet.

Why? Maybe there isn’t enough money out there to go around?

But I doubt that after hearing some of the stories that have crossed the airwaves of late.

Especially adding to my doubt is the sad but true tale of the star NFL running back who has earned $49.7 million in nine seasons without spending a dime of it. Yes, you read that right. Buddy has raked in nearly 50 mil without touching a cent.

It’s all collecting interest somewhere while he gets buy on his endorsement deals. At least that’s what’s being reported and I haven’t heard any denials.

How responsible of him. He should conduct a workshop on money management for average folks. Or, better yet, for impoverished people trying to decide if they’ll buy enough groceries to last the week or make their rent payment.

What if this fella would crack open the vaults and send just a tiny bit of that cash to stroke research? Or cancer research? Or you name the research. And what if every multi-millionaire in the NFL did the same thing? And what would happen if the NBA, NHL pro soccer millionairs did the same thing?

I can’t prove it, but I have a strong feeling that we’d have a lot of cures to what ails us pretty quickly.


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